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Your full-service offshore partner

Thousands of offshore vessels and platforms around the world rely on Evac systems for their waste and wastewater management, water generation, hull corrosion protection and pipework marine growth protection needs. Today, our complete solution offering includes also ballast water management systems.

Our systems meet the strict performance, safety, certification, and documentation requirements of the offshore industry.
Requirements will vary depending on the type of vessel or rig, the operational area, and the relevant standards. Our technology specialists design and manufacture systems according to your specific needs and in compliance with specifications and standards such as NMA, NMD, NORSOK, ATEX, and IECEx.

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Comprehensive expert support through our global service network

Our reliable and proven systems for offshore vessels and rigs have a long lifespan and are simple to maintain – an important factor given the limited possibilities for service and maintenance in these environments. We can provide on-site maintenance as well as troubleshooting assistance by phone and email. For comprehensive coverage that offers you peace of mind, we also offer service contracts. Our service technicians are experts in their field, and include those with Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET).

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Ready to meet your changing needs

The nature of the offshore industry means that vessels and platforms are likely to operate in a variety of different areas over their lifetime, and this must be taken into account during the design and construction phases. A change in operating area may mean a change in water and waste management requirements, and with our extensive offering we can support you in every eventuality.

Our systems comply with the strictest International Maritime Organization regulations and are also suitable for use in Environmentally Sensitive Sea Areas (ESSAs) and Special Areas (SAs).

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Corrosion protection and marine growth prevention systems

Our offering includes also Cathelco corrosion protection systems based on impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) and Cathelco marine growth prevention systems (MGPS) to protect sea water pipework on platforms and other offshore structures.

Our systems are currently protecting assets in locations as far apart as the Caspian Sea and Gulf of Mexico and from the North Sea to the China Sea. So whether your vessel/platform is going to operate in ‘ice class’ or tropical conditions we have the expertise to ensure that our systems perform effectively.

Many of the biggest names in the industry count amount our customers. These include Lamprell, Modec, Saipem, SBM Offshore, Shell and Petrobras to name but a few.

Evac cleantech solutions for accommodation vessels

Vacuum collection

Wastewater treatment

Ballast water management

Fresh water generation

Marine growth prevention

Dry and wet waste treatment

Corrosion protection

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