Applications on work boats and special vessels

Evac has thousands of references for different types of work boat and special vessels, including support vessels, exploration vessels, ice breakers, and hospital ships.

Our applications in work boats and special vessels

Evac has thousands of references for different types of work boat and special vessels, including support vessels, exploration vessels, ice breakers, and hospital ships. These vessels have varying needs and operational conditions, as well as limited opportunities for service and maintenance, so we focus on simple and reliable construction.

Our global service network covers 40 countries across six continents. Through this we offer support, spare parts, and service – wherever you travel.

We know your industry

Laboratory testing

A versatile offering

Our large and varied offering meets the different needs of our customers, right from vessel construction.

Our systems meet the strictest International Maritime Organization (IMO) environmental regulations, and can also be operated in Environmentally Sensitive Sea Areas (ESSAs) and Special Areas (SAs). Our wastewater treatment membrane bioreactors are already equipped with nutrient removal, which will soon be required in Special Areas like the Baltic Sea.

One provider for all systems

Thanks to our wide system range you can purchase all your vacuum collection, wastewater treatment, dry and food waste treatment, and fresh water generation systems from one provider. This simplifies the shipbuilding process as well as equipment use, control, and maintenance.

Our vacuum collection systems save water and improve installation efficiency, with flexible piping designs. We are the only supplier with expertise in vacuum collecting both wastewater and food waste. Using one supplier simplifies maintenance and reduces inventory costs, as spares are interchangeable.

Our offering also includes compactors and densifiers for reducing the volume of recyclable waste aboard vessels. These products will help you meet the IMO’s MARPOL Annex V requirements. Our water treatment units turn seawater into process, service, and drinking water.

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System development

Evac Evolution 250m³/h system

Evac Evolution ballast water management system (BWMS)

The Evac Evolution ballast water management system operates effectively in marine, brackish and salt water and has been specified for a range of ships including work boats and special vessels.

Available with capacities from 34m3/h to 1,500m3/h in a single unit, it can be supplied skid mounted or in modular form simplifying retrofits where space is tight.

As an example, 250m³/h system have been supplied for a bunkering tanker in which the height between decks was a major factor in the design of the provided BWMS system. In view of the height restriction, the filter unit and UV reactor were positioned horizontally on the skid. This allows the UV lamps to be removed easily if maintenance is required.

Smaller 60m³/h systems, in turn, have been supplied for a range of fishing vessels. The Evac Evolution system is completely chemical free which is a distinct advantage on any vessel where food products have to be handled or stored.

Marine growth prevention systems

By miniaturising control panels and anodes, we have brought the benefits of pipework anti-fouling technology to a wide variety of smaller craft including offshore supply vessels, workboats, small ferries and tugs.

Many of these vessels operate continuously within in-shore waters where there is a much higher risk of bio-fouling. By fitting our Cathelco marine growth prevention system and eliminating problems of blockages in seawater lines serving engine cooling systems, considerable savings can be made in fuel usage and maintenance costs.

Cathelco MGPS Mini Control Panel



Hull corrosion protection systems

Our impressed current cathodic (ICCP) corrosion protection systems developed by Cathelco are an increasingly popular and cost effective way of protecting the hulls of smaller vessels against corrosion, whether these are made from steel or aluminium.

In the past, many smaller vessels would have been protected with sacrificial anode systems, but with the rise in the cost of zinc and aluminium anodes (which are quickly consumed and need to be replaced) the overall cost difference between installing an ICCP system is negligible.

A major advantage of ICCP systems is that they require very little maintenance with an anode life of approximately 15 years. Also, the performance of sacrificial anodes will decline over time, whereas and ICCP system will continue to deliver reliable and carefully controlled protection.

Vacuum collection

Wastewater treatment

Ballast water management

Fresh water generation

Marine growth prevention

Dry and wet waste treatment

Corrosion protection