Prison toilets that increase security and save water

Design and operate a safe, cost-effective, and modern prison with Evac wastewater drainage and vacuum toilets

Choosing vacuum toilets for your correctional facility gives more flexibility for cell design and increases security and control, while also reducing maintenance and in-cell intervention once in use. Construction time and costs are lower than with traditional systems, and water and sewage costs are also reduced. Evac are the original vacuum drainage supplier, so you’ll benefit from our reliable design and engineering experience, as well as the expertise of our long-term partner.


Evac systems for prisons

Evac systems for prisons

Vacuum design for better prison security and control

As Evac systems require less maintenance, fewer maintenance personnel are needed in secure areas. Correctional officers can shut off individual toilets or blocks of toilets prior to shakedowns, eliminating the toilet as a way to dispose of contraband or weapons. Vacuum toilets make flushed contraband irretrievable, as well as eliminating one method of communicating and passing contraband between cells. As these materials are stopped from entering the piping system through the toilet, mainline blockages are virtually eliminated. Any attempted abuse can be isolated in the cell toilet, allowing disciplinary measures to be used to help prevent future attempts.


Reduce water and sewage costs and construction time and expense

One of the benefits of a vacuum system is that the piping has a smaller diameter and can be installed horizontally or vertically, allowing for more design flexibility and easier installation. Waste piping is typically routed above the slab, minimizing the need for trenching and saving time and costs on both new construction and remodeling projects. In use, Evac vacuum toilets dramatically reduce water and sewage costs, consuming less than 1.2 liters/0.3 gallons per flush – in a 1,000-bed facility this adds up to a huge 30 million liter/8 million gallon water saving every year.


Strong partners from design to operation

Our engineering teams will assist your mechanical consultant or contractor in the layout, design, and sizing of an Evac vacuum toilet system. From preliminary concept to design development, pre-bid, construction, and final punch list, we are here to help. Willoughby correctional stainless steel fixtures are the perfect partner for Evac vacuum systems in prison environments.

Evac vacuum toilets save water Amount of water saved with Evac vacuum toilets