Profitable and comfortable office and campus drainage

Flexibility, freedom, and value for commercial and institutional environments

Compared to traditional drainage, Evac vacuum drainage systems free up more space, add more value, and provide a wider range of layout options for offices, institutional buildings, and real estate businesses.



Evac systems for universities, offices and institutions

Evac vacuum collection systems

More space, more value, and more layout options for office buildings

Prospective tenants often wish to plan a building’s office space to suit their business operations – Evac vacuum systems allow you to do this. Final decisions on building layout can be delayed, leaving maximum room to maneuver and giving tenants maximum flexibility to plan their space. Most commercial real estate and businesses go through some form of reorganization on a regular basis – growth, departmental restructuring, conversion, partitioning, and even downsizing – all of which affect the layout of a building. The Evac system opens the door to a wide range of space-planning options that previously would not have been possible. Space reorganization projects that involve changing the location of washrooms are made easy, and do not demand major rebuilding works.

Your net rentable area is increased when you choose vacuum drainage, increasing the value of your property. Real estate for sale will see a comparable increase in value. The layout of offices and public spaces can be optimized, and buildings or parts of buildings can be easily converted into office space, or office space into other uses. The low water consumption of Evac vacuum toilets helps to achieve LEED and BREEAM green building certifications, helping you show your green credentials and a commitment to sustainability. More real estate opportunities are opened up, including areas that were previously prohibitively expensive due to soil conditions.

Green and modern designs for universities and campuses

Vacuum drainage gives you advanced environmentally friendly facilities that add green credentials to your campus brand. The toilets save water and minimize the impact of water shortages on campus life. Extensions and conversions are made simpler, giving you the flexibility to adapt your facilities when needed. New campus locations are also opened up, in places previously unsuitable due to soil conditions.

Evac systems for universities, offices and institutions