Increase space design value for shopping mall, commercial real estate and hospitality

Vacuum systems for the leisure and hospitality industries

Evac vacuum systems for wastewater and condensate drainage bring significant benefits to shopping malls, hotels, and resorts. Vacuum systems increase flexibility for store design, make it easier to convert buildings into green hotels, reduce water bills, and increase the value of underground space.

Evac systems for hospitality and leisure industries

Evac systems for shopping malls

Infographic - Water consumption

Increase flexibility and add value to shopping malls and commercial real estate

Vacuum drainage makes it easier to install or expand shopping malls underground, giving flexibility for food courts and a wide variety of store layouts. Disruption to other tenants can be minimized, or even eliminated completely. For example, in buildings with underground car-park facilities, vacuum drainage avoids the need to pass pipes though floors into lower levels. Using Evac vacuum toilets in public restrooms considerably reduces overall water consumption, providing a short payback time, helping with LEED and other green building certifications, and mitigating water shortages.

Green hotel and building conversion

Evac vacuum toilets use only 1.2 liters/0.3 gallons per flush, providing considerable water savings and helping you demonstrate your commitment to sustainable travel and green hotel practices. Vacuum systems make it easier to convert even historical buildings into hotels, preserving building features and increasing layout options.

A complete system for green resorts

Evac complete water systems provide excellent water and energy savings, efficient wastewater treatment, and the flexibility to offer stunning layouts and architectural designs while still committing to green principles. Evac vacuum toilets use considerably less water and energy than traditional systems. Our advanced wastewater solutions with biological treatment and membrane filtration provide high effluent quality suitable for reuse – with a lower footprint than conventional systems. Evac reverse osmosis systems for desalination and potabilization have been used in large and high-end cruise ships for decades and are proven to be reliable with low energy consumption. As they allow sewage piping to be run without a continuous slope, Evac vacuum systems assist in beach and island preservation, as well as the construction of floating cabins, other floating buildings, and marina centers.

Vacuum systems for restaurants and food courts

Vacuum systems require less maintenance than traditional systems, while vacuum grease separators reduce odor in the kitchen and surrounding areas. It is also easier to install kitchens and toilets underground, meaning the above-ground level can be kept for customers.

Evac Complete Cleantech Solution for building industry